Silver Sands Veterinary is now offering Video-Virtual-Telemedicine Appointments and Consultations with Dr. DeForge utilizing telemedicine software.

The innovators of are truly working at the cutting edge of the future of veterinary medicine. Dr. DeForge was immediately impressed with their innovation in meeting a vital need for veterinarians who are practicing today at the summit of tomorrow’s medicine. Dr. DeForge believes the “Future is Now”! He chose after reviewing many telemedicine services for the following reasons. has NO downloads or installs; you just need a good internet signal.

After calling 203-877-3221 and scheduling your video appointment all you have to do is place place the link we provide into your internet search bar 5 minutes before your scheduled appointment! You are directed straight to Dr. DeForge’s virtual waiting room!

Video Telemedicine is safe and secure so that we can help you and your pet!

To use this service, there must be an existing doctor-patient-client relationship with Dr. DeForge. New clients can use Video Telemedicine only for an introduction and meeting with Dr. DeForge resulting in an on-site visit with Dr. DeForge through his SAFE Locked Foyer where there is no social interaction. Only patients enter the hospital.

Please call with questions or to schedule a time for your Telemedicine Video Visit with Dr. DeForge: [203-877-3221]