Advanced Periodontal Disease: Preventable with Early Intervention and Treatable even in Advanced Disease.

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Eighty percent of the pet population is affected by Periodontal Diseasese by four years of age. Untreated periodontal disease is cyclic and permanent. The early form of Periodontal Disease GINGIVITIS is completely reversible. PERIODONTITIS, advanced periodontal disease, is treatable and controllable but not reversible. That is why patients must be treated early! Once pathology is seated, it is much more difficult to treat and more costly to control.

A thorough oral examination to identify oral pathology is the cornerstone of animal dentistry. A dental chart and intraoral dental x-rays are paramount in the diagnosis and treatment of oral pathology in pets.

Dr. DeForge is a Fellow of the Academy of Veterinary Dentistry.

No oral exam is complete without oral x-ray of dentition in all patients with advanced periodontal disease and/or dental x-rays of abnormal appearing teeth noted during the intraoral exam in all age groups. Your pet’s first teeth cleaning should be at one year of age.

Comprehensive Oral Diagnostics and Treatment can only occur under general inhalation anesthesia.

General Inhalation anesthesia is safe! Dr. DeForge performs a detailed Pre-Physical before anesthesia and advises on the need for pre-anesthesia testing. Pre-anesthesia testing is appropriate to the Anesthesia Class designation of the patient. This information is provided in writing at the time of the Pre-Physical Exam.

Why are pets not receiving proper oral care? Dr. DeForge believes the cost of animal dentistry has superseded the ability to have the necessary oral care performed.

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