Silver Sands Veterinary Network-We are growing once more because of you!

Silver Sands Veterinary Network has opened its newest addition-Milford Veterinary Spay and Neuter Clinic

Dr. DeForge is providing an outreach to those seeking assistance in the spaying and neutering of the pets they love. See fee schedule to follow.

Special Requirements:

A free pre-physical must be scheduled prior to surgery to be sure the pet can have surgery.

Rabies Vaccine must be up-to-date or it will be given at time of surgery for an additional fee. It is not included in the surgery cost.

Pre-Anesthetic Testing is recommended but can be waived by signing an Informed Refusal-Waiver of Responsibility at the time of your free pre-physical!

This program does not apply to feral; wild; or trapped cats. We refer you to other spay and neuter clinics who have greater space for the handling of these patients.

Additional fees will apply for pets in heat or pregnant at time of spaying.

All cats must be admitted in a functional Plastic Cat Carrier in good condition. The patient will not be admitted if this regulation is not followed!

All cat and dog spays must have Elizabethan Collar or Inflatable collars utilized at upon discharge to prevent complications in healing!

Any medicines dispensed are additional!

Dr. DeForge reserves the right to disallow spaying/neutering if during the in-gratis physical exam the patient’s health is considered poor. This refusal is different than abnormal pre-anesthesia testing results disallowing surgery. It is a clinical impression by the surgeon to cancel because of poor health! Options in care will be provided.

Fee Schedule:
Anesthesia & Professional Surgery Fee Combined

Cat Spay$100.00
Cat Neuter$100.00
Dog Spay 0-50 lbs$125.00
Dog Spay 51-99 lb$175.00
Dog Spay over 100 lbs.$290.00
Dog Neuter 0-50 lbs$125.00
Dog Neuter 51-99 lbs$150.00
Dog Neuter over 100 lbs.$175.00

Informed Refusal:-Waiver of Responsibility-if not performing pre-anesthesia testing. This waiver must be signed by all clients who do not allow pre-anesthesia testing by Dr. DeForge. This document is signed at your pre-physical exam before surgery.

Dr. DeForge recommends the vaccination of all dogs and cats with the core vaccines recommended by the American Animal Hospital Association.

Fees for these vaccines will be reviewed at the time of your in gratis-pre-physical exam prior to scheduling your surgery. This free pre-physical exam is very important for Dr. DeForge to review any health issues that you might not realize are present prior to surgery.