Real Savings from Dr. DeForge
Milford Veterinary Hospital at Silver Sands

Celebrating the Human-Animal Bond as a Voice of the Voiceless with Special Savings!

Preventive Health Vaccination is an important part of your pet’s health maintenance at Milford Veterinary Hospital at Silver Sands.

Once enrolled–All AAHA-AVMA recommended CORE Vaccines are FREE for LIFE!


  • Dogs: Rabies Vaccine and DA2PP Vaccine
  • Cats: Rabies Vaccine and FVRCP Vaccine

Other Vaccines recommended by Dr. DeForge to protect your pet from contracting specific diseases in our area of the northeast are presented at 50% off… once enrolled in Free Vaccines for Life!

YES…you will receive 50% off of the following non-core vaccines:

  • Dog-Lyme Vaccine-Leptospirosis Vaccine-Bordetella Vaccine-Bivalent Flu Vaccine
  • Cat- Leukemia Vaccine

Not Included in Free Vaccine for Life:

  • Sick Patient Visits
  • Laboratory Testing
  • Pharmacy Items

This is a Vaccine Only-Preventive Care Program

No limit to the amount of pets to be enrolled-but remember each pet has a separate enrollment fee; and each pet is required to have an annual Physical Exam to continue in the Free Vaccines for Life Program at Milford Veterinary Hospital at Silver Sands

The Enrollment Fee is $100.00 per pet!

There are no other annual enrollment fees or annual enrollment renewals!

The cost of your Annual Physical Exam is not included and required to stay enrolled in Free Vaccines for Life!

Physical exams from other veterinary hospital are not accepted to maintain your Free Vaccines for Life Enrollment with Dr. DeForge. Enrollments cannot be transferred and no refunds of the enrollment fees are possible.

If you do not return, for your yearly physical, within 30 days from the time of your initial Vaccines for Life Physical — your Free Vaccines For Life Enrollment will EXPIRE. You can only rejoin Free Vaccines for life by paying a new Enrollment Fee. Your Physical Exam must be repeated at this same time yearly to stay in the Program of Free Vaccines for Life.

It is your responsibility to mark your calendar to come in for your yearly Physical Exam. Reminders are sent but you must take the initiative to make the appointment based on those reminders.

This is a REAL Program of Savings –
Here are the simple requirements:

You can sign up at any time. Puppies and Kittens can be enrolled after their Puppy Kitten Series of Vaccine

The Program can be canceled by Dr. DeForge at any time!

Your initial enrollment is never in jeopardy. It is not renewable if the Program ends. If the program ends there is no guarantee that it will be offered again in the future.

This is your program and ONLY you take advantage of these considerable savings! Dr. DeForge will continue to offer it to you and your family if Free Vaccines for Life becomes universal to Milford Veterinary Hospital at Silver Sands.

Dr. Don DeForge, Medical Director
Milford Veterinary Hospital at Silver Sands
7 Seemans Lane Milford, CT 06460