The Food Bank at the Silver Sands Veterinary Network
“The Voice of the Voiceless”

#Dr.DonDeForge has opened The Silver Sands Veterinary Network Food Bank in 2018 that will run 365 days a year!

Through your donations of pet foods, The Silver Sands Veterinary Network Food Bank can help countless pets in shelters; humane societies; and in adoption networks that are low on food or without means to purchase quality food.

Food donations are not just for the holidays. Pets without homes many times have poor diets or not enough food as they close their eyes each and every night!

A Food Bank is a community resource to help the “Voice of the Voiceless”. You can make a difference!

Drop off one can of food…it is the cost of ½ a cup of coffee at your local beanery or coffee shop.

Make a difference in a pet’s life in 2018 as they await their chance to find a new home!

Silver Sands Veterinary Network cannot solve all of the nutrition problems of pets without homes but together we can be one brick in building a National Food Bank for all pets in need.

You do not have to be a member of our practice family to donate food.* We are directly across the street from Dan Perkins Subaru in Milford, CT. and welcome your donations at any time. If you have a particular shelter that you know of that needs help call 203-877-3221 or send detailed information about the shelter to:

*Please donate only sealed bags of food or canned foods with a good expiration date.

Thank you for caring with a simple food donation of love!